Archbishop Paglia in Oxford and London - February 12th and 13th 2018

Paglia UK 01

"Human dignity and bioethics": an appeal to "take seriously" the nuances of life was the theme of the conference of Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia in Oxford, February 12th 2018 at the invitation of the Las Casas Institute with Anscombe Bioethics Center and St. Mary University Twickenham. 

The day after in London Archbishop Paglia held a second conference at the "Catholic Voices Academy" on the theme "The proclamation of life in a missionary way".

«Today, he said, the Church cannot and should not limit itself to the simple defense of values and principles, however correct and appropriate that may be. We are called to proclaim, that is, to shout out—loud and clear—the mystery of life, which is how God dwells in history—to help every woman and every man who lives on this planet recognize the presence of the Spirit, who is Lord and who—proclaim it!—gives life».