End-of-life Questions

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Archbishop Fernando Chomali of Concepcion, Chile, has recently published a Pastoral Document, in Spanish, entitled "Morir con Dignidad" (Dying with Dignity) - "Reflexiones entorno al fin de la vida" (Thinking about the end-of-life).

Archbishop Chomali presents the questions related with Euthanasia and he speaks about the importance of Palliative Care as a special form of disinterested charity. As such it should be encouraged.

To make a judgment about the society and culture that permeates and encourages it, it is not enough to look at its economic indexes or the level of development achieved in the scientific and technological field. Rather, one should focus on the way society as a whole, and each of its members is related to the weakest, the most destitute, the sickest.

A society that is not capable of taking care of the sick, of giving the best of itself to make its precarious existence more humane, is a society that has lost its north. Pope Francis talks about the culture of discarding. And fruits of this disorientation is the exacerbation of individual freedom, the lack of solidarity towards the sick, and as a corollary, the inability to take charge of them.

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