Registration closed - International Congress Palliative Care 2018

Rome, February 28th - March 1st 2018


On February 28th and March 1st, 2018 an International Congress on palliative care will be held in Rome, promoted by the Pontifical Academy for Life. The title of the event is: “PALLIATIVE CARE: EVERYWHERE & by EVERYONE. Palliative care in every region. Palliative care in every religion or belief”.

In this occasion will be officially presented the PAL-LIFE Project.

The PAL-LIFE Project is the new international program launched by the Pontifical Academy for Life for global palliative care advocacy.

The PAL-LIFE Project has been already working for almost one year through several activities, based on an international advisory working group whose participants have been selected among the main experts on global palliative care advocacy.

The Pontifical Academy for Life thanks them and thanks many others that will be in Rome with us and are supporting and are actively involved in the PAL-LIFE Project

During the Congress will be explored many important topics such as: the value of palliative care for medicine, health care and society, the diffusion of palliative care all over the world, the impact of different religious faith and spiritual perspective on the care for the dying, political and financial implications of ensuring palliative care will be addressed.

The goal of this Congress and the PAL-LIFE Project is to promote the dialogue and cooperation between different stakeholders involved in palliative care practice and advocacy, and through that, to protect the dignity of the dying, taking care of their vulnerability.

From February 19th the Registration is closed. The Congress will be available on Pontifical Academy for Life YouTube Channel.

More details will follow in next days.