Abp. Paglia: at the service of a real culture of life

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Christmas Mass was celebrated yesterday for the central office of the Academy. 

In the Homily Archbishop Paglia said: "May the coming of Jesus bring peace and foster a new world. Peace and serenity for all people and institutions in contact with us. May we be at the service of an authentic culture of life".

The Mass was celebrated in the Santa Maria Annunziata in Borgo, popularly known as Nunziatina (or Annunziatina), an oratory of Rome (Italy), in the rione Borgo, facing on Lungotevere Vaticano.

The fa├žade is one of the most refined examples of the 18th-century style in Rome.

The interior has a single nave with plaster decorations. It houses works of art formerly in the Church of Sant'Angelo ai Corridori, liying along Borgo Sant'Angelo, destroyed in the 1930s and no more rebuilt: among them, a fresco portraying the Virgin of the Milk with the Child, attributed to Antoniazzo Romano, and a lunette with the Apparition of St. Michael Archangel to Pope Gregory the Great.

Christmas Mass December 13th - Central Office