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The Synod paid particular attention to ex-child soldiers, to those from broken families or those affected by addictions, unemployment, corruption, trafficking; but also to the many immigrants, such as those who, after graduating, leave their country of origin in search of a better life and end up losing their roots, moving away from the faith and not making use of their talents. The Church is called to be a mother and a home, a place of empathy and listening, a voice for those who have no voice – especially for those who come from difficult situations, rejected stones that, thanks to the proclamation of the Good News, can become “cornerstones” in the building of a better world.

Young people, the Bishops observed, help adults to “situate themselves” in the present and at the same time expect from the Church a prophetic sign of communion in a torn world. They are the missionary heart of the Church. Hence th Some of the Fathers frankly admitted that most parish communities do not meet the expectations of young people, who often leave the Church after Confirmation.  For this reason, there is an urgent need for a renewal of pastoral ministry: capable of listening to and embracing the loving gaze of Christ, but also of speaking the language of the youth, starting with the digital language.e proposal to create a Pontifical Council dedicated to them.

Photo gallery (courtesy from Servizio Fotografico - Vatican Media - L'Osservatore Romano): Pope Francis with Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia; Pope Francis with Father Carlo Casalone, SJ, our Academician.


Synod of Bishops