World Prematurity Day - November 17, 2020

Abp. Paglia' s Letter to the President of Italian Neonatology Society

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World Prematurity Day - November 17, 2020. World prematurity day. Every year 15 million children are born too early, one out of ten. They are extremely fragile creatures but great fighters, supported by their parents, pediatricians and nurses from the neonatal ward in their challenge to live.

I pray the Lord for all the mothers and fathers who are enduring these trials with their premature babies, and I pray for the pediatricians and nurses working in neonatal intensive care units who take care of these more fragile children daily with their skills, with great dedication and loving care, helping them to overcome the difficulties related to premature birth, even when they have serious pathologies that put their own life at risk.

In a historical moment when fewer and fewer children are born, pediatricians and nurses become genuine collaborators of God, together with parents and families, in the great project of life.

Also in the name of the Holy Father Francis, I encourage the doctors and all the healthcare professionals engaged in these important treatments to continue their mission, a faithful and real expression of service to newborn life, especially the weakest and most fragile one.