The birth of the International Family Monitor

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Thursday 6 December 2018, at 11.00, in the Holy See Press Office, a press conference presented the International Observatory on the Family.

The speakers were:

H.E. Msgr. Vincenzo Paglia, Grand Chancellor of the John Paul II Pontifical Theological Institute for Marriage and Family Sciences and president of the Pontifical Academy for Life;

Professor José Luis Mendoza Pérez, president of the Universidad Católica San Antonio di Murcia, Spain;

Dr. Francesco Belletti, director of the International Centre for Family Studies (CISF).

 YouTube - Press Conference

Archbishop Paglia's full text: 

Today we officially announce the birth of the International Family Monitor: a new initiative commissioned by the Pontifical John Paul II Theological Institute for the Sciences of the Marriage and the Family, in cooperation with the Catholic University of Murcia, the CISF of Milan.

We do so in relation to the frequent request made by Pope Francis, namely "examine the actual situation of families, in order to keep firmly grounded in reality." (AL 6, then see AL 32-49).

He was the first to do so, for example in the cycle of catechesis that he dedicated to this theme between the two Synods, where he did not outline an abstract family ideal, rather he reinterpreted the daily life of families, displaying their richness, discussing the difficulties they face, revealing the happy announcement that God offers to each one. Thus, correctly, one identifies the healthy contribution that human sciences offer to the understanding of the experience of believers, in this specific case of the family; for this very reason  the John Paul II has taken this up, precisely because of  its status as a Theological Institute, that is in perennial dialogue with historicity and its forms.

The Monitor that we present today aims to help us to keep our feet on the ground, and thus to serve with greater strength energy, and evangelical passion, the love between man and woman, to whom the meaning of history and the destiny of creation is entrusted.

The expectations are high in the questions we will attempt to face and in the methodology that will be used.

The first three years will be devoted to the study of family poverty, understood in the double relational / affective and economic sphere. Because if there is an urgency and at the same time an richness that is as astonishing as the Gospel that reveals it, it is the condition of the little ones, of those who are minors, of the excluded from history, of the non-received in the city of men. It is the scene (which resonates still today!) of the Crib I hope will find space that all our homes in the coming days.

Thanks to the direct commitment of the Catholic University of Murcia, which I want to publicly thank in the person of its President Dr Mendoza, the working method of this Monitor will be inclusive and widespread: all the academic institutions which have been contacted to date (about 20 from 15 nations) immediately accepted and others are being added; these realities will be entrusted with the collection of national data, according to the method developed  and presented shortly by Dr. Belletti of CISF, whom I thank for his professionalism. Several networks of family realities, study centers, non-governmental organizations, will join these. First among them Caritas Internationalis, who’s President Cardinal Tagle and his Secretary General Dr. Roy were immediately enthusiastic about the initiative and have made available the global Caritas network. Special thanks goes to the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and the Life that has dedicated no small amount of energy to building up these precious networks at the service of families.

Thanks also to these realities, the Monitor will offer a detailed information service (periodic newsletter, website, social), with continuous news on the condition of families worldwide and on how much the various dedicated parties work in their favor. A great work of information gathering and information sharing, a weaving of relationships at the service of this bond as strong as love, as the Song of Songs teaches us, and as weak as the human condition we share and speak of, which the Son of Man took on, loved and saved.

PARTNERS (December 6th): 

1.       Sección Mexicana del Instituto Juan Pablo II, Messico.

2.       Instituto mexicano de Educación y Familia, Messico.

3.       Florida State University Family Institute, USA.

4.       Instituto para el matrimonio y la familia, Pontificia Universidad Católica De Argentina.

5.       Programa de Ciencias para la Familia, Facultad Eclesiástica de Teología, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaiso, Chile.

6.       Institut Pontifical Jean-Paul II, Benin.

7.       Institute of Youth Studies, Tangaza University College, Kenia.

8.       Instituto Universitario de la Familia (IUF), Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid, Spagna.

9.       Centro di Ateneo di Studi e Ricerche sulla Famiglia, Cattolica di Milano, italia.

10.   Humak University of Applied Sciences, Finlandia.

11.   Università Comenio di Bratislava), Slovacchia.

12.   College of Entrepreneurship and Law, Repubblica Ceca.

13.  Chan Institute of Social Studies, Hong Kong.

Family International Monitor - Press Conference - December 6th 2018

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