News from our Academicians: Usa and Argentina

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News from our Academicians – USA and Argentina

President Donald Trump has announced his intent to appoint five new members and to re-appoint two former members to the National Science Board (NSB). NSB is the policymaking body of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and advises Congress and the Administration on issues in science and engineering.

One of these five is our Academician Maureen Condic (University of Utah).

 Maureen Condic is an Associate Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy at the University of Utah’s School of Medicine. Her research focuses on the development and regeneration of the nervous system. In recognition of her research on spinal cord repair and regeneration, Condic was named a McKnight Neuroscience of Brain Disorders Investigator in 2002. She has published and presented seminars on science policy and bioethics, both nationally and internationally.

About the National Science Board.The NSB and NSF’s Director jointly head the agency. The Board identifies issues critical to NSF's future and establishes its policies. The NSB also provides the President and Congress with Science and Engineering Indicators, a biennial report on U.S. progress in science and technology. Members are appointed by the President for six-year terms and are selected for their eminence in research, education and records of distinguished service. (Source: White House News Release)


On November 20, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Rabbi Fishel Szlajen received the "Honorable Mention Senator Domingo F. Sarmiento Award", for his academic contributions to society, particularly in the field of bioethics. Senators Cristina Fiore Viñuales and Belén Tapia were present at the ceremony. Addresses were given by Dr. Fiore, Bishop Alberto Bochatey (our Academician) and Dr. Mario Turzi. It is the highest distinction bestowed by the Senate on citzens and it is the first time that that it has been awarded to a Rabbi.

Video of the ceremony:

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Usa and Argentina