Activities of some of our Academicians - Update

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Mexico. Our Academician Martha Tarasco has co-edited an e-book  of general bioethics for legislators. So that when they have to vote for something new, they can read in a simple way for non professionals of medicine laws or philosophy, about the topic, and understand the matter.   Bioética: Aporte para un debate necesario. Juan Pablo Saavedra y Martha Tarasco Coordinadores.  Fundación Andrés Preciado.

Poland. Prof. Krzysztof Wiak, Criminal Law, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin writes us. "Regarding my activities in 2018 - It was a very important year for me as dean of faculty of law - this year we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Catholic University of Lublin (form 2005 - of John Paul II) and as well 100th anniversary of our faculty.

In addition, on October 10, 2018, the Polish President Andrzej Duda appointed me as Justice of Supreme Court of the Republic of Poland (in Extraordinary Control and Public Affairs Chamber).
On September 10, 2018, Prime Minister M. Morawiecki appointed me as an  expert to the Legislative Council at the Polish government.
"My last publications:
1. Legal issues in the Field of Assisted Proceedings in the Light of Evangelium Vitae, in: The value of life. The present time through the prism of St. John Paul II's Encyclical Evangelium Vitae, ed. A. Lekka-Kowalik, K. Wiak, Warsaw 2017;
2.  Ochrona życia i zdrowia dziecka w prawie karnym [Protection of the child's life and health in criminal law], in: Prawo karne w ochronie praw dziecka [Criminal law in the protection of children's rights], ed. A. Grześkowiak, I. Zgoliński, Bydgoszcz 2018,
3. Prawo karne [Criminal Law], ed. A. Grześkowiak, K. Wiak, Warszawa 2018
4. Kodeks karny. Komentarz [Criminal Code. Commentary], ed. A. Grześkowiak, K.Wiak, Warszawa 2019".

Italia. Il prof. Paolo Benanti, docente alla Gregoriana, è stato cooptato nel Gruppo di esperti sull'Intelligenza Artificiale del Ministero per lo Sviluppo Economico. 

Italia. Prof.  Carlo Petrini, Director of the Bioethics Unit of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, was appointed vicepresident of the Centre for the Coordination of Italian regional ethics committees for clinical trials of medicines and medical devices for human use. Prof. Petrini had been unanimously designated as the Centre’s President but declined for institutional reasons.

Usa. Prof. Lerner's books 2018: Human Development, Life Course Health Development.