Abp. Paglia: We need a future of global openings, not global closures

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On June 5, Bishop Paglia spoke at the round table "Fairness and security", which discussed computer security and ethics. The debate took place in Rome at the headquarters of the Luiss Business School. The topic of ethics in a broad sense (producing and performing quality results) is at the center of the discussion of automation, including artificial intelligence and security.

The speakers were: Paolo Boccardelli, director Luiss Business School, Francesco Stronati, vice president IBM Italia, Alma Grandin, journalist Rai – TG1, Roberto Baldoni, vice director Department of Italian Security, Alessandro Curioni, vice president IBM Research, Mario Morcellini, Italian Authority for Communications, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, President, Pontifical Academy for Life.

Archbishop Paglia said: "We need a global way of thinking, a global ethics, global guidelines and global dreams. Not my country ‘first’ but all of us first together. Otherwise we will be all last. I think it will be important that politicians, economists, technicians, leaders of religions collaborate to discuss the AI topics with a strong sense of common responsibility. It is my hope to have a draft of common guidelines".