Covid19 - From our Academicians

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Msgr. Renzo Pegoraro, Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy for Life: 

Any analysis of the causes that contributed to such a rapid contagion in Lombardy, with so many patients and so many deaths, is complex. Some observers point to the difficulties in suspending industrial activities across the territory, of an environmental pollution that favored the spread, of an unprepared health system, the focus on a "direct attack" from China, to an older and fragile population, and other nebulous factors. (full text)



Prof. R. Colombo: - -

Prof. Stefano Semplici



Dr. Sullivan / Guidance for Prevention and Care

Dr. John Rhee / Coronavirus and human suffering - Existential suffering

Coronavirus and Guidance for Ethical Practice: the Hastings Center

Prof.  Dan Sulmasy:  Washingtonian magazine serving Washington, DC, concentrating on daily ethical questions for ordinary citizens under these circumstances.  

March 16:    

March 18:  

New York Daily News, the second largest newspaper in New York City, on age-based rationing:



CISAV; Mexico: Consideraciones bioéticas sobre el desafío que representa la pandemia de COVID-19. 

La etica en tiempos de pandemia - Jorge José Ferrer, sj

Argentina. Rabbi Dr. Fishel Szlajen, "La Religión como Crítica a la Vanidad e Idolatría Actual"

Espana. Desde la Presidenta Prof. Margarita Bofarull Buñuel rscjel Institut Borja de Bioética-URL  esta seleccionando una serie de artículos de reflexión,  así como Recomendaciones Éticas y protocolos establecidos en relación a la pandemia Covid-19.

Perù. Prof. R. Cardenas Krenz






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