To rediscover the community vocation

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An appeal for the "strong rediscovery of the community vocation of the human being" was launched by Msgr. Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, in his speech in Havana (Cuba), in the context of the IV International Conference on World Balance (Coloquio Internacional sobre el Equilibrio del Mundo). Msgr. Paglia addressed the theme "The challenges of the future and the life of the human community". At the opening session yesterday Msgr. Paglia delivered Pope Francis’ message to the Assembly of 650 delegates drawn from 65 countries.

In his speech Msgr. Paglia stressed that "the men and women of today are all more connected but not for this reason more brothers or sisters" as "the push to functional efficiency mortifies relational life". In the search for autonomy and self-sufficiency individuals "remove, little by little, all memory of the roots and bonds that generated us and built us as human persons". Citing Pope Francis in the recent Letter Humana Communitas (to the Pontifical Academy for Life), Msgr. Paglia underlined the passage in which the Pope writes that "fraternity remains the failed promise of modernity".

"In this congress that sees us gathered together to dream of a just world order full of love - concluded Msgr. Paglia - we hope that our friendship is the first sign of this passionate care of the human family. We owe it to the seven billion people who inhabit this planet; we owe it to the children who will be born today and who deserve a mother, a father, an entire family as great as the world that welcomes them, who loves them and who gives them a future that is better than today".

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The President

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Abp. Vincenzo Paglia was appointed President of the Pontifical Academy for Life on August 15, 2016.