Hospice Day in Egitto, il 25 ottobre 2021: testi e video

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International Hospice Day in Egypt: Professor Mounir Farag, Pontifical Academy for Life

The Academy is taking care of the life of every human being, from conception till the natural death. There is now a Hospice in Egypt, celebrating the international day for Hospice for terminally-ill patient. 

International Hospice Day in Egypt: Professor Abbas Shouman 

I would like to admit that Islam support anyone who offer support and help to any human being regardless his religion, culture, beliefs or belongings, as a human being he has the right for receiving care and palliative care during the time of suffering.

International Hospice Day in Egypt: Doctor Naima Kaisar WHO representative in Egypt

According to WHO, an estimated 40 million patients are in need for palliative care on the global level where 20 million need direct palliative care before the end of life and 18 million don’t receive any kind of palliative care and die in pain and suffering.