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Rescuing Fraternity

A call for faith and thought

The Project

Responding to the desire and need for new forms of knowledge and theological language, which are in open and constructive dialogue with the complexity of the contemporary world, a group of theologians gathered around the fire of a project, which Vincenzo Paglia has lit and which Pierangelo Sequeri has fed. Pope Francis, in the gestures and words of his ministry, has insistently invited us to cultivate sensitivity for justice and responsibility for our world, bringing together the work of culture and knowledge. Responding to his invitation, we met and confronted amicably on the contradictions, joys, wounds and possibilities of the time we live in, initiating a reflection process which then took the form of a call. This call is addressed to the women and men of our time, so that, all together on the same ark, we choose to rescue fraternity.