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The text of the Appeal in four languages - Italian, French, English, Spanish - inaugurates the "Humana Communitas" series of the Pontifical Academy for Life, published by the Libreria Edirice Vaticana. With the afterword by Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia.


October 1st - The debate

Isabella Guanzini, Massimo Recalcati, Laura Boella, Msgr. Sequeri

Free Zone - An introduction for a debate

by Abp. Vincenzo Paglia

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"Free zone" is a space that hosts the contributions that follow the call "Rescuing Fraternity. Together ", published on the initiative of the Pontifical Academy for Life and signed by a group of Catholic theologians with the intention of starting up an interaction between theology and humanistic knowledge.

The intrinsic relationship between the human knowledge that is common to all of us and the global reach of the ethics of life is the focus of this initiative. It tries to translate in terms appropriate to the responsibility of the intellectual professions – of believers and lay people, religious and non-religious - the power of the call to a "rediscovered fraternity" that the inspiration of faith highlights in Pope Francis’ encyclical «Fratelli Tutti». The creation of a "warm current" of thought, which presents the evidence of a "friendly intelligence" of the human being, is the intent of this new initiative.

We are convinced that a new alliance between the knowledge of the "experts" and the wisdom of the "peoples" calls for a new sense of responsibility. This enterprise is possible. Our goal can be achieved, but only together with all those who share the same passion for the human being that is common to us, in this epochal shift. Naturally it is not a question of becoming "all Catholics", but - indeed - of kindly regarding each person as a brother or a sister.

Passion and enthusiasm for this task require sharing: critical spirit and self-criticism are equally necessary to get closer to achieving our objective. We need to. Long is the road ahead of us. This section stands as one of the places for effective fraternal debate.

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