HUMAN. Meanings and Challenges

Workshop - Vatican City, February 12-13, 2024

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The Pope' Speech -  Christianity has always offered significant contributions, absorbing meaningful elements from every culture where it has taken root and reinterpreting them in the light of Christ and the Gospel, appropriating the linguistic and conceptual resources present in various cultural settings. This is a lengthy and ongoing process demanding an intellectual approach capable of embracing numerous generations; it can be compared to the wisdom and vision of those who plant trees knowing that their fruit will be consumed by their children, or those who build cathedrals knowing that they will be completed by future generations. Japanese Translation

Abp. Paglia' Introductory Speech - Italian - Don't the many techno-scientific innovations that have occurred in human history teach us that in fact many limits that seemed insurmountable have already been crossed? In fact, until now a balance between the different dimensions has been sought, although it has not always succeeded. That is why it is necessary to consider the limit: where should one not cross? I think there is also to consider when and how one should do it. In short, it is about understanding the limit according to multiple coordinates. (...) In the first place, therefore, as Pope Francis reminded us, an effective dialogue between different scientific disciplines is required. This dialogue is much discussed, but we cannot consider ourselves satisfied with the way in which we regularly practice it. Given the specialization of knowledge, as soon as some expert leaves his area of expertise, one perceives immediately the way in which he uses or employs the categories of the field in which he has ventured, even with the best intentions of not reducing the discourse to only his own schemata, sounds hardly convincing, if not downright clumsy. I have cited the Bible above and it can be a good example: how often does the appeal to biblical passages or topics, not only by scientists, but also by theologians of other areas of expertise, turn out wrong or inadequate! Perhaps we take the words but do not assume a hermeneutic approach that is conscious of the complexity of the biblical texts, of the diligence of their composition and the plurality of traditions and contexts. It is really a new invitation that Pope Francis directs to us, speaking of “strong cross-disciplinarity,” in Veritatis Gaudium. It is an invitation to enter into the logic of a true “cultural laboratory.” The intention behind that formation of our Workshop has been exactly that of supporting this demanding dynamic of thought.

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February 12, 2024


Guardian of Life Award 2024. We honoured Haitian doctor Marie Guerda Coicou for her humanitarian and scientific commitment to the needy in the country.

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