Public Health in Global Perspective

Workshop on line September 27-28, 2021



In the light of the experience of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Workshop intends to offer a reflection on certain ethical values that proved crucial in this circumstance, but also an analysis of the challenges posed by a necessary ethical, medical and ecological ‘conversion’. The aim is to  make sense of what has happened and not to lose the lessons learned from this crisis. A valuable lesson for a substantial renewal of societies and for a fairer and more sustainable future.


September 27

9:00 – Welcome address - Archbishop Vincenzo PAGLIA, President, Pontifical Academy for Life (Vatican City)

9:15 – “In confinement”, Video by Eugenia BALCELLS (2020)

9:20 - Opening Biblical reflection Anne-Marie PELLETIER (France)

9:30 – Medical research in the context of pandemic Jules HOFFMANN (France)

9:50 – Pandemic and public health in Latin America Carissa ETIENNE (Dominica)

10:10 – Pandemic and public health in Africa John NKENGASONG (Cameroon)

10:30 – Pandemic in the physicians’ perspective David BARBE (USA)

Saluto di Mons. Paglia al Papa

POPE FRANCIS' SPEECH to the Pontifical Academy for Life - Apostolic Palace - Italian SPA - ENG



15:00 – Scientific research Katarina LEBLANC (Sweden)

15:20 – Market and economy Gael GIRAUD (France)

15:40 – Discussion   

16:40 – Local and international health organizations Walter RICCIARDI (Italy)

17:00 – The Issue of Zoonosis Pascoal CARVALHO (India)

17:20 – Freedom and common good Maria Clara LUCCHETTI BINGEMER (Brazil)

17:40 – Discussion    18:40 – Conclusion


September 28

Plenary Session: Perspectives of conversion

15:00 - Opening reflection/meditation  -  Avraham STEINBERG, Shaare Zedek Medical Center (Israel)

15:10 – Recommendations by the Working Groups and Young Researchers Group

15:50 – Bioethics - Henk ten HAVE (The Netherlands)

16:10 – Ecology - David TILMAN (USA)

16:30 – Digital - Maria Chiara CARROZZA (Italy)

16:50 – Discussion

17:50 – Education - Jacques SIMPORE (Burkina Faso)

18:10 – Medicine - Daniel SULMASY (USA)

18:30 – Discussion

19:00 – Concluding remarks - Sr. Alessandra Smerilli - Dicastery Integral Human Development


General Conclusion - Abp. Paglia - Italian - English




Pictures from the Meeting

My favorite experience from the Assembly was witnessing the diversity of its attendees.


Meredith Meyer (foreground, in the picture) is a student of Notre Dame University who is studying for a semester in Rome as part of the Rome Global Gateway. Meredith attended our September General Assembly as an intern. Here are some thoughts on her experience in those days.



Pope Francis

The Custos of Life Award of the Pontifical Academy for Life was awarded to Dale Recinella, a lay chaplain on death row in Florida. Dale Recinella carries out this work with the death row inmates, while his wife Susan takes care of the families of the condemned and the families of the victims.