New Academicians - Youth Section

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Vatican City, 29 May 2023.- The Board of Directors of the Pontifical Academy for Life, led by the President, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, and the Chancellor, Msgr. Renzo Pegoraro, proceeded to appoint the new Academicians of the Youth Section in recent days.

The new appointees are:

Dr. Hayato CHIKAMATSU - Toyooka Public Hospital, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan;

Dr. Marius KABRE - doctor specializing in medical imaging at the University Joseph Ki-Zerbo, Burkina Faso;

Dr. Costanza VIZZANI - postgraduate student in Philosophy of Law, Lumsa University, Italy;

Dr. Silvia XAVIER - Universidade Católica de Moçambique, Faculty of Health Sciences, training of Medical Course, Mozambique.

Concurrently, the Governing Council approved the transfer of the following Academicians from the Youth Category to the Corresponding Category:

Dr. Maria Kolesarova SULEKOVA, Slovakia

Dr. Fr. Rockwin PINTO, India

Dr. Leonardo Luis PUCHETA, Argentina.

The Youth Category, including the new appointments, is now composed of 10 Academicians:

Dr. Sandra AZAB, Egypt

Dr. Mary Katherine BRUEK GAURKE, USA

Dr. Hayato CHIKAMATSU, Japan

Dr. Sara DOLCETTI, Canada

Dr. Gabriella FOE, USA

Dr. Marius KABRE, Burkina Faso

Dr. Yohan RHEE, Usa

Dr. Costanza VIZZANI, Italy

Dr. Michael WEE, UK

Dr. Silvia XAVIER, Mozambique.