2020 Doctoral Dissertation Award on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & ETHICS Call for Applications

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2020 Doctoral Dissertation Award on  ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & ETHICS Call for Applications 

The Pontifical Academy for Life (PAV) and Microsoft announce an Award for doctoral dissertation on Artificial intelligence for Human Life. 

Applications are solicited from all PAV’s members and from any other Academic institutions; a Selection Committee, chaired by the PAV’s Chancellor and composed by an expert designed by Microsoft and one designed by the Council of the Academy, will judge the theses.

The winner receives a prize of € 6.000 and an invitation to Microsoft Headquarter in Seattle, the runner up € 4,000. The winner will also have to present the thesis at the PAV’s General Assembly (Rome, February 2020 - refunded expenses). 

Eligibility The applicants should have successfully defended their dissertation and completed their doctoral degree (including all final revisions, if any, and all final paper work) from September 1 2018 to October 30 2019. The dissertation research can be on any topic in the Artificial Intelligence and Ethics in any field, broadly defined, and use any methodology; it must contain at least one anthropological/ethical chapter.

The thesis must be written in one of these languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese. 

Timeline ▪ Submission deadline: November 30, 2019 ▪ Decisions announced: mid-January, 2020 

Submission Materials for each Application Submissions must be made by the candidate. The following four items should be submitted. The summary paper, the letter and the certification must be submitted in English. The complete dissertation may be submitted in one of the five languages admitted.

1. A summary paper of the dissertation research. The text should provide a comprehensive summary of the dissertation, the topic, the research context and questions, the theoretical or contextual framework, the methodology, and the findings.

 2. A letter from the Candidate with: the title of the dissertation, full author name, email, phone number, address, current institution, advisor name and contact information, degree granting institution, and dissertation completion date. A Curriculum Vitae is appreciated.

3. An official certification, from the University, that declares the applicant has successfully defended his dissertation and completed his doctoral degree.

4. The complete dissertation. The above four documents should each be formatted as a pdf, and then combined into a single zipped file; this file will be submitted to this email: events@pav.va. 

Vatican City, February 13 2019 

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