RenAIssance: Ethics in Technologies

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Speech by Abp. Vincenzo Paglia - Institute of Bioethics - Argentine Catholic University - June 15, 2022


Thank you for this question, and cordial greetings to all those present and to those who, in various capacities, participate in the activities of the Institute of Bioethics of the Pontifical Catholic University of Buenos Aires. The question - what is Renaissance? - allows me to retrace what has been done so far: Renaissance is a journey that aims to respond to one of the most current and urgent needs of our society, which is to design technologies that are at the service of man, and that put every individual, especially the most vulnerable ones, at the center of every technological project.

Our Holy Father Francis, your fellow countryman, often says that we are living in a time of epochal change. These words of His perfectly define what is happening. (full text)

(Original text: Italian. Translation by Leonardo Stefanucci)

¿QUÉ ES RENAISSANCE? Gracias por esta pregunta, y un cordial saludo a todos los presentes y a los que, en diversas funciones, participan en las actividades del Instituto de Bioética de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Buenos Aires. La pregunta - ¿qué es Renaissance? - me permite volver sobre lo que se ha hecho hasta ahora: Renaissance es un camino que busca responder a una de las urgencias más actuales de nuestra sociedad, es decir, diseñar tecnologías que estén al servicio del hombre. (Leer todo)